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Lazuli Sarae

A Brand which combining contemporary western culture, Denim, with local value of Indonesia, Batik. Made by applying traditional wax resist-dye technique called Batik on the material of Denim to produce a new variant of textile. .: Lazuli :. Comes from the word "Lazhward", it is taken from a name of a place in Persia where the semi precious stone called Lapis Lazuli were mined. Lazhward also means blue as the color of Lapis Lazuli. This blue color combined with the same visual effect as if the result of denim through the wax resist-dye technique called batik. .: Sarae :. Taken from Sundanese (as the origin of our Company) language "Sae" which means awesome. Adding the plural form of the word 'Sae' becomes 'Sarae', which we believe in our soul that all the products created should be awesome to look and even to wear.