Batik Blazer
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Batik Blazer


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Material:wooly creep
Pundak (shoulder) : 38
Lingkar dada (bust line) : 90
Lingkar Pinggang (waist line) : 76
Lingkar Pinggul (hip line) : 94
Panjang Blazer (blazer length) : 66
Panjang Tangan (sleeve length) : 59

L :
Pundak (shoulder) : 39
Lingkar dada (bust line) : 94
Lingkar Pinggang (waist line) : 80
Lingkar Pinggul (hip line) : 96
Panjang Blazer (blazer length) : 66
Panjang Tangan (sleeve length) : 60


Missmarina made its mark since 2010, bringing new colors into the world of moslem fashion. The brand was inspired by the beauty of flowers and the divine beauty of muslimah, with high respect towards moslem’s shariah. Dian Marina – as the brand’s very own creator – is also very passionate in showing Indonesian’s craftmanship, that can be seen in her wide range of handmade accessories collection. It’s simple and modest fashion character, with a splash of sweet accessories, have made Missmarina a very remarkable brand for young, fashionable and faithful muslimah. Now, Missmarina is ready to serve the fashion market in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


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